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Former 20-Year Employed Trump Executive Breaks Silence On How Trump Really Acts In The Workplace



During this unique time in American history, while the president and Republicans in Congress are producing controversy-after-controversy (sometimes several times daily), it’s important to take a step back and examine the character of the president to remind ourselves just who we’re dealing with. So viewing Trump’s rise to power, with a historical analysis, is sometimes fitting.

An executive within the Trump Organization with more than 18 years of experience publicly stated, about one year ago today, what many of us have known for quite some time now: that President Donald Trump is a blatant sexist. Barbara Res served for two decades as a senior vice president in the Trump Organization.

And while she never gave much thought about her former boss’s character traits and treatment of women, the video in which Trump bragged privately about sexually harassing women without reprieve gave her a moment to reflect upon the now-president’s demeanor. “The way he said it — I just grab [women by the genitals] — I was shocked at that,” Res told the Daily Beast in an interview from October 2016. “And then you know, when I took the time to put it into context, I said, yeah, that’s right.”

Res worked for Trump from 1978 to 1996, helping him to oversee construction on Trump Tower in New York City. Trump frequently touted Res as proof he wasn’t sexist at many campaign rallies, the Daily Beast reported — except that Res’s own words contradicted then-candidate Trump’s assertions.

“He’s terribly sexist. He’s a womanizer for sure,” Res elaborated in her interview. She was hired because she was good at what she did, which Trump recognized. But Trump still held onto some sexist views. “‘Men are better than women,'” Res said Trump told her, “‘but a good woman is better than 10 men.’ I think he thought I would take it as a compliment, and I think it was intended as a compliment.”

In a separate interview with the New York Times, Res also discussed how Trump would behave as president — and how she didn’t think he could handle the position with dignity. “I couldn’t imagine him ever doing a job where he would be beholden not to one person but 300 million,” she said. “I think he thinks he’s going to be king.”

While Res’s comments come from around a year ago, they are still important to this day, and in the months ahead. Trump has provided no indication that he’s a changed man from what Res has told us about him. And it’s still plainly obvious to see that his demeanor as president is exactly as Res told us it would be — Trump sees himself almost as a monarch, and seems to view any criticism against him as treasonous in nature.





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