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Former Attorney General Eric Holder Went On Rachel Maddow’s Show And Called Out The Entire GOP



Former Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to Rachel Maddow on Monday about his belief that our Democracy is under attack through gerrymandering practices. In 2011, the Republican party spearheaded the effort to redraw the lines that determine voter districts all over the United States. The practice, called gerrymandering, allows a party in power to effectively wipe out the fairness of an election.

“If you look at gerrymandering, we have a system where politicians are picking their voters instead of citizens picking their representatives,” said Holder. “You look at the way in which voter suppression laws have been passed, we’re coming to be a country that’s inconsistent with our founding ideals, and the notion of one man one vote is really under attack.”

Holder, as the chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC,) is focused on redrawing the districts after the 2020 census – but not specifically for Democrats. He describes it as a partisan attempt to reclaim elections as being a battle between ideas, not skewing for party advancement.

Maddow also asked Holder whether or not he is interested in running for public office. While he has an interest in the possibility, that is not currently his focus.

Our Founding Fathers spent hours developing the United States voting system as a fair way to determine who is in charge of our country. People like Eric Holder are committed to the centuries-old belief in fairness, in making sure that elections are won and lost based on support for political ideas, not for support of political parties. This is so important for the country. It won’t be something people will easily identify, but this is going to change the outcome of elections for the better. Fairness.





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