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Former President Writes Scathing Public Letter To Trump: We Are On The Verge



Former President George W. Bush very recently and very movingly said goodbye to his father, the late President George H. W. Bush. This, then, is clearly a highly emotionally charged time for him, especially given the volatile climate of American politics and the harsh and brutal words coming from the current White House and aimed in practically all directions.

That’s why I find it so staggeringly moving that the younger Bush is still pressing ahead with his wonderful charity work and making a real difference in the world, even with all the adversaries he faces. We can disagree with most (alright, all) of what he did while he was President, but what he is doing now with the Dallas George W. Bush Institute is just incredible.

However, as is the current way of things, even totally inoffensive charity work cannot help but get embroiled in politics to some extent. When we have a President of the United States dead set on firmly stamping his impact on world history through rampant xenophobia and borderline authoritarianism, it is never easy.

That’s why Bush took to the Washington Post to write an op-ed outlining his work and his position. It really speaks for itself:

“Critical to this effort is our Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partner, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). My administration launched PEPFAR in 2003 to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic that threatened to wipe out an entire generation on the continent of Africa. Nearly 15 years later, the program has achieved remarkable results in the fight against disease. Today, because of the commitment of many foreign governments, investments by partners, the resilience of the African people and the generosity of the American people, nearly 12 million lives have been saved. And nearly 2 million babies have been born HIV-free to infected mothers.

As the executive and legislative branches review the federal budget, they will have vigorous debates about how best to spend taxpayers’ money — and they should. Some will argue that we have enough problems at home and shouldn’t spend money overseas. I argue that we shouldn’t spend money on programs that don’t work, whether at home or abroad. But they should fully fund programs that have proven to be efficient, effective and results-oriented. Saving nearly 12 million lives is proof that PEPFAR works, and I urge our government to fully fund it. We are on the verge of an AIDS-free generation, but the people of Africa still need our help. The American people deserve credit for this tremendous success and should keep going until the job is done. “

If President Trump still refuses to alter his policy course after reading that, then he is truly heartless.





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