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Former Presidential Legal Adviser Responds To Trump: You WILL Be Impeached



Because of the total chaos and the way everything is so up in the air right now in American politics, it is easy to lose sight of some basic truths and get swept away in all the hysterics that inevitably come along with politics in the age of the 24/7 news bulletin and reporters all announcing their stories on Twitter (oh, and the President of the United States using that same platform to ruffle up various dictators from around the world and incite violence and harassment against celebrities and journalists and the like. But, you know.)

In order to see through the thick fog and get a clear minded idea and impression of what is actually happening in our nation, it makes sense to go back to the opinions of experts. Simply, we need to talk to people who have experienced this kind of thing before and can reasonably and empirically predict what the outcome might be.

I would suggest one of the very best people for this at the moment is Andrew Hall. Hall served as an attorney to one of the top White House aides and advisers to President Richard Nixon. Why does that matter? Oh yeah, because President Nixon was accused of various heinous offenses during his time as President in the exact same was as President Donald Trump is being right now and ended up resigning and leaving behind the infamous legacy of one of the greatest political scandals ever – Watergate.

So, Hall knows what he is talking about. What does he have to say about Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into the White House?

Hall said that “the cover up is always worse than the crime. And this one is very shady. We have a sitting president who will undoubtedly be impeached.”

In a separate interview, Hall was similarly damning:

“The idea to prepare a witness in and of itself is a good idea, but the fact that he’s incapable of being truthful throughout the entire exam is pretty scary,” he said. “It raises a whole lot of issues,” he continued. “If a lawyer knows his client is not telling the truth, he can’t sit by and let that happen, he can’t participate and he must disassociate himself with that activity … otherwise, they lose their license for facilitating perjury.”

He continued:

“The November elections have an enormous impact on how this plays out. If the Democrats take the Senate, or enough Republicans switch over, there will be a successful impeachment.”

If I was Donald Trump, I would genuinely be quaking in my boots right now. This must be utterly terrifying for him.





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