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Former Republican Congresswoman Went On CNN And Was Instantly Shut Down For Her Divisive Rhetoric



Michele Bachmann basically epitomizes everything that is wrong with American politics today. She is a former Congresswoman from Minnesota who insists that “we are in the golden time” (referring to the presidency of Donald Trump and all the wondrous things it has supposedly bestowed upon the American people):

“We are in the golden time,” proclaimed former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in an interview at the Values Voter Summit over the weekend in Washington. “We don’t want to blow this. We don’t want to blow this!” 

A member of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, Bachmann said she believes that due to Trump, “on every metric” America has experienced “blessings” that are “without parallel.” In the interview at the annual conference of evangelicals organized by the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council, she elaborated on her assertion.

“For men, for women, for young people, for blacks, for Hispanics, we’ve never had it better economically,” she said. “We’ve never had it better on a foreign policy level. We’ve never had a more pro-life president, a more pro-Israel president.”

Nor has there been a chief executive “who cares [more] about the religious liberty,” Bachmann, a featured speaker at the values summit, said in the interview, which aired on SiriusXM Progress.

At the same gathering last year, Bachmann explained in an interview how Trump had become a “man of faith” who “asked God for help and for wisdom.”

As Trump cultivated celebrityhood through coverage in tabloids and with his reality TV show “The Apprentice,” he was never associated with any religious movement. But Bachmann, in her comments last year,  said Vice President Mike Pence had assured her of Trump’s religiosity.

The onetime GOP presidential candidate expanded on that subject this year, detailing her belief that God is working through Trump.

“He has so rocked everything he’s done,” she said of the president. “Everything he has touched has literally almost turned to gold on every level. People’s lives are better because of this one man. And I think that can’t be lost. We’ve seen an answer to our prayers from two years ago.”

Attendees at this year’s event seemed in full agreement.

I know. Seriously.

Thankfully, as is so often the case for people of this ludicrous GOP disposition, Bachmann soon got her comeuppance in the form of a brutal takedown live on TV at the hands of a merciless CNN anchor. Watching this kind of thing being broadcast gives me some much needed hope for the future. You can watch the exchange in full here.





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