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Former Speaker Paul Ryan Caught On Electoral Fraud, Details Of His Super PAC Released



It seems that there are no disgraceful acts too low for the Republican party to stoop to. The GOP has always been willing to do some pretty grubby stuff but under the leadership of the White House of President Donald Trump, things have got a whole lot worse. Even setting aside the entire catastrophe of the 2016 presidential election and the endless accusations of collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice, and all those other terrible things (all of which are currently under investigation by the probe headed up by former FBI Director Special Counsel Robert Mueller) there is still a lifetime’s worth of awful political conduct in the last couple of years alone.

One of the things that may have been overlooked is those many and quite important elections to the House of Representatives that took place in 2016. While we have all been focused on the race for the White House – which is still extremely significant, of course – little or no attention has been paid to those other elections which decided who our elected members of congress were for two whole years. An explosive report from the New York Times casts a damning light over what went on there and one senior Republican figure is at the centre of it all: former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

The report says that there may have been widespread election hacking that took place in those House races and concerning the Democratic Congressional candidates themselves, reportedly focused on around a dozen “of the most competitive House races in the country”. This is already sounding like a sophisticated and well organized operation headed up by people who know exactly what they are doing in this field, which of course spells very bad news for the entire GOP.

Reportedly, Russian hackers going by the bizarre pseudonym Guccifer 2.0 tried to infiltrate the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, with some degree of success. It seems that the Russian hackers behind this particular incident are the same ones who earlier released a shed load of private documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton Foundation. In other words, this was all part of one big coordinated project.

And the worst part? The hacked documents were used by a shady organization called The Congressional Leadership Fund in a bid to discredit some key Democratic candidates – that organization is a super PAC that has close ties to then House Speaker Paul Ryan, putting him in a very awkward position indeed.

Will Robert Mueller take notice?





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