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Former Trump Campaign Aide May Soon Cooperate With Mueller To Take Trump Down For Good



Rick Gates has already been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Presidential election. However, the question is – is his plea going to change?

Gates has quietly added the prominent, white-collar defense attorney Tom Green to his team. Green is well versed in the ability to fight for plea deals, being particularly known for the deal he got for his client in 2015, former House speaker and Illinois congressman Dennis Hastert. Green has been seen numerous in Mueller’s office over the last few weeks, and Mueller is apparently aware of the addition. Gates pleaded not guilty in October to eight charges of money laundering and the failure to register foreign lobbying and other business during the same trial that his associate Paul Manafort plead not guilty to nine counts.

Although no additional charges have been filed yet, people speculate that superseding indictments, which will add, remove or change charges already given to the two men, might be a factor in further proceedings. Also, the way Gates and Manafort are handling the case are so different that it might entice Mueller to change tactics. Their lawyers are not working together on their defenses, and while Manafort’s team has been fighting with Mueller’s team throughout the process, Gates’ team has been more compliant. A recent hearing with a judge indicated that the two men might even need different timelines at this point of when their cases will go to trial.

Gates and Manafort must both be charged, that much is clear. However, if Gates’ team is not creating unnecessary additional waves for Mueller’s team and Manafort’s is, it makes sense that things might be shifting behind the scenes. Or, of course, more has been discovered and not yet released to the public that might make Green’s addition to Gates’ team all the more necessary. It seems as though we will have to wait for their next court dates to learn the truth.





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