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Fox News Caught Refusing Money For Anti-Trump Impeachment Ads



Tom Steyer, who’s a frequent donor to the Democratic party, continues to put his money where his mouth is. He paid $10 million for an ad campaign titled “Need to Impeach.” As the campaign title indicates, Tom makes an impassioned plea in a one-minute ad, where he asks for American citizens to reach out to members of Congress and request impeachment.

In a move that won’t surprise anyone, CNN’s Brian Stelter reports Fox News won’t air the ads on their network. “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money,” was the reason Fox News gave Stelter.

Steyer responded to Fox’s decision, saying, “this shows no respect for democracy.”

It is true networks have the right to broadcast what they want. However, in saying that, when a network deems itself “fair and balanced” and refrains from airing other viewpoints such as Steyer’s, does it cross the line of censorship?

The simple truth was Fox didn’t want to air something that would alienate their audience. They worked so hard to cultivate a message that Trump isn’t to blame for the Russian collusion, it’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault; this is why they’ve employed talking heads like Sean Hannity to spew this garbage any time they see fit. And if they did air Steyer’s ad, it would discredit their agenda.

This example magnifies the problem of all networks with political agendas—both left and right. When you build an audience based on one way of thinking, it makes it impossible to provide contrasting viewpoints. Fox News isn’t the only ones guilty of this yet they are the poster child.





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