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Fox News Hosts Joke Live On Air About Ilhan Omar Death Threats



Thought Fox News could not possibly stoop any lower? Think again. This might just be the most disgusting on-air news segment we have ever seen:

As the controversy surrounding Democratic Rep. Ilham Omar rumbles on, two Fox News hosts have laughed off the death threats against the Minnesota congresswoman and lambasted figures on the left for defending her. Speaking on “The Five” show, hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld joked about death threats, saying they had both been victims and dismissing such incidents as routine. “Everybody gets death threats,” Watters declared, adding, “We don’t whine about them.” Gutfeld then joked that he sends death threats to Watters, who responded, “Yeah, and I forward them to HR.”

Gutfeld then suggested the human resources department usually support his imagined threats to Watters’ life. Watters called it “bizarre” that “the left tries to stick its neck out for someone like this so much after she said so many dumb things and so many offensive things. She’s not that talented, doesn’t raise a lot of money, she’s not that likable or empathetic,” he added, before suggesting that “the left” is defending Omar “to protect the ability of the left to traffic in anti-Semitism. There’s a very strong strand of anti-Semitism on the left that needs to flourish apparently and then needs to be protected,” he claimed.

Wow. You can watch the whole shocking clip below. It is incredible that this is the point we have reached. On Fox News of all platforms, these men think it is acceptable to laugh and joke about very real death threats being sent to a Democratic member of Congress, at a time when harsh rhetoric and spiky public discourse has led to a staggering increase in hate crimes being committed in America, especially those motivated by racial hatred and misogyny.

Nobody should be able to watch or support Fox News with a clear conscience at this point. They have been justifying the horrific policies of President Donald Trump for a very long time, but this is a whole new low. It is revolting, to say the least, that they think threats of violence are good material for an on-air skit, let alone to make some terrible political points about Omar’s apparent downfalls. Still, this the reality of Trump’s America. This is the consequence of having someone in the Oval Office who thinks it is acceptable to use this kind of discourse constantly.





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