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Fox News Shows Racist Anti-Obama Message During On-Air Segment



By now, I hope all you folks have been reading Blue Side Nation long enough to know that you can never, ever trust Fox News. The amount of times they have pedaled utter nonsense just for the sake of their own politics is uncountable. Well, I’m sorry to say that we now have yet another appalling incident to add to the endless list of reasons why no one should ever take Fox seriously.

We know that they worship Trump like a god. We know that they lap up his consistently inconsistent policy declarations and his outrageous rhetoric. A recent episode of Fox & Friends, though, showcased the more sinister side of this portion of the media, reminding us that the network isn’t run by gullible idiots (not totally, anyway). You don’t have to look very hard to see the dark forces funding and directing Fox News’ activities.

Image: Fox (grab)

The image above is a screengrab from a morning Fox & Friends report which featured a racist anti-Obama message in the foreground for several seconds. The vile message, which was accompanied by a photo of Trump in the White House, reads as follows:

First Time In History That A Billionaire Moves Into Public Housing Vacated By A Black Family.

This heinous racist propaganda is, sadly, consistent with the worldview that much of Fox’s reporting espouses, but it’s quite rare that their bigotry is so explicit and obvious even to the untrained eye.

Featured in the Trumped Store and Café in Arizona, cards with the image printed on them are apparently on sale to the public. The woman who runs the shop describes herself in the report as “a very conservative Republican”, which is essentially a tactile way of saying “I am a massive xenophobe and I’m proud of it”.

She went on to say that she “likes people to know that that’s who I am”. Which, again, is a slightly more subtle way of saying “I love to shove my reactionary political views in people’s faces all the time”.

Little wonder, then, that she shamelessly sells this tat embroidered with white supremacist agitprop, though it still is staggering that a supposedly mainstream national news network covered it without so much as a blink.

Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Segment host Ainsley Earhardt seemed thrilled by the appalling merchandise, exclaiming: “We should have shopped there and gotten a card for [co-host Steve Doocy] because today’s his birthday, and said ‘make your birthday great again’!” If you say so, Ainsley.

Other pathetic items that the shop sells include an “Adorable Deplorable” range (what’s with all the stigma around deplorable politics? Embrace your horrid prejudices!) along with shirts emblazoned with the words “Women For Trump” (said without even a hint of irony). So, basically, they have all your gift needs covered!





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