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Fox News Tried To Attack The Clintons And Mark Cuban Shut Them Up With Facts



I find it extremely ironic that the President of the United States and leader of the free world, the White House and first family, indeed the entire social, political and populist movement headed up by President Donald Trump essentially invented the concept of Fake News – yet they are the ones who promote it blatantly more than anyone else. Trump is constatly peddling false facts and things that are just objectively not true for the sake of glorifying his own politics, and moaning when others report facts that are true, simply because they show him up in a bad light.

One excellent example of this is Fox News. Fox is, of course, the President’s favorite network because they provide whatever nonsense Trump and his voters want to hear, no matter whether or not it even vaguely resembles the actual reality of the situation. Fox just loves to bash anyone who is a Democrat and worship anyone who calls themselves a Republican, just to make people feel good about themselves, with no interest in actually reporting the news or providing any kind of meaningful or insightful political commentary or analysis at all.

That is why it was not a huge surprise to anyone familiar with this subject when Fox News host Neal Cavuto went off on a massive rant about how terrible the Clinton family is – particularly, former Democratic president Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. He proceeded to spout a whole load of prejudiced nonsense, but luckily, someone was there to call him out on it – but it is not who we expected.

Mark Cuban owns Dallas Mavericks and is a billionaire. So few would have expected him to leap to the defense of those Democrats, but that is exactly what he did, simply because he wanted to speak the truth in the face of all those lies. And he did not hold back:

“Look, you have to ask yourself what’s the market for a former president giving a speech, right? So, first of all, Ronald Reagan was paid more than a million dollars for speeches in 1989.  He went to Japan and gave two speeches.

“Second of all, Bill Clinton, I think it was $250k give or take, for a lot of speeches.  I’ve made $250k for a bunch of speeches.  For the most part, he gets paid a little more than I do, but the point is he was right inside the market.  He wasn’t getting paid more or less than the market.”

Boom! A much needed solid dose of facts. More of this please!





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