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General Motors Employee Tells Trump Off During Interview After His Baseless Attacks



There are, of course, a million reasons we Blues could list why the presidency of Donald J. Trump, even less than halfway through his term, has been a thoroughly terrible thing for America. But with this President, it goes beyond merely disagreeing with his policies or opposing his priorities for the future of our country. The current President of the United States is so monumentally warped in his thinking that he cannot even achieve that which he set out to achieve.

Let me explain. We on the Left might well object to Republican tax cuts and healthcare plans, and that’s fine. Our economic philosophy is different to theirs, so we can voice our concerns, but they have a right according to their democratic mandate to do what they think is best for the country.

This is not the case with President Trump. A big part of what he stands for is the anti-socialist, anti-globalist big business agenda, as he peddles the tired old narrative about tax cuts for the rich trickling wealth down to the poor. But Trump is so catastrophically incompetent that his policies are actually ending up hurting big business, as well as hurting everybody else massively.

It has been proven time and time again that a nationalist and protectionist approach to economics and politics never works. Yet, the President presses on with his agenda. He manages to hurt both the public and private sectors at the same time, which is truly incredible and indicative of just how badly suited he is for that great office.

Take, for instance, the recent furore surrounding General Motors. Trump, as a capitalistic politician known for pushing pro-business rhetoric and policies, would surely have no problem prioritising the interests of a titan of American industry such as GM. But no: his appalling policies have caused disaster for the company (which they managed to avoid during all eight years of President Barack Obama‘s two terms, despite his supposedly awful left wing politics).

GM has announced that it has no choice but to fire hundreds of American works and shut down five major factories because of the terrible choices Trump has made while occupying the Oval Office. Nonetheless, our deluded President stands by his policies and ludicrously claims that they are good for the nation:

“The previous administration, they said, manufacturing’s never coming back, it’s gone! You’d need a magic wand,” he said recently. “Well, we found the magic wand, and that’s actually — that’s actually going to be increasing by a lot in the next short while, because we have a lot of companies moving in.”

A former GM employee, unsurprisingly, disagreed. She caused terror in the White House this week when she went on live TV to speak her mind about Trump’s policies. Speaking to CNN‘s Poppy Harlow, she said:

“Our jobs need to stay here. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s getting these people back to work. I find it offensive. We are the magic wand. We are the people that kept GM here all that time. We are a caring community. We are a good work force. I felt we kept GM here, more than any President.”

Ouch! Well said, Madam, well said.





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