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German President Angela Merkel Lashed Out At Trump And Took Him Down With One Sentence



President Donald Trump continues to take misstep after misstep. First, he botched…Actually I’m not even going make a list this time. At this point, let’s just assume he’s botched everything. Mainly because he has. Everything the man has done to “Make America Great Again” has done nothing to actually make the definition of that phrase a reality.

Instead he’s set the country back 70 years as far as women’s rights, racial tension, and political fortitude. You’ll probably hear Republicans citing how good the economy is doing now. Yea, well, when you inherit an economy that was single handedly turned around from the worst recession since the 1920s to be a powerhouse again (actual, literal thanks Obama!), it’s a pretty easy thing to say when you did nothing to help.

And in all of Trump’s blustering about the world saying that America should be insular and only focus on itself, he’s gained some pretty big detractors. Possibly none bigger than a champion of global unity, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. What she said about trump is something that everyone needs to see. Because it’s 100% true.

Speaking to Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper, Merkel gave the following quote. I currently have it pinned to my desk. “An America that does not care about the rest of the world and just thinks about itself does not make for a big and great country.” I mean A-freaking-MEN.

What Merkel is saying with that sentence is that Trump is not making America great. In fact he is making America bad. We couldn’t agree more.





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