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GOP Congressman Who Insulted Obama During Congress Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine At Town Hall Meeting



Those Republicans just never learn, do they? No matter how many gazillion headlines are generated of some GOP Congressman or official in the Trump administration embarrassing themselves in public with some badly thought out comment, they just continue in their endless cycle of making themselves look immensely stupid while the whole world watches on.

Take, for instance, Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Wilson is basically only known for being that one guy who was uncivilized enough to yell “You lie!” at President Barack Obama during a speech he was making at a joint session of Congress.

There are so many reasons why that is clearly a monumentally terrible idea. Firstly, that is not the way to voice your opinion. However strongly you may disagree with someone, literally nothing has ever been achieved by shouting two words at them during a speech. Second, he is a Congressman. For goodness’ sake, conduct yourself with a little more integrity. You are an elected representative of the people. Third, and probably most crucially, the man you are talking to is the President of the United States. How much more obvious does it have to be before you can see that this a cataclysmically bad idea?

Nonetheless, Wilson was, to some extent, embraced by the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican party after the mortifying incident. One might argue that in some senses, it actually made his career. What a pathetic way to get on in the world.

Wilson clearly has no qualms at all about boasting of his achievements within the GOP in his bio that he publishes on his personal website (which says a huge deal about the Republican party as an organization, as well as him as an individual and a politician):

“Today, Joe serves as an Assistant Majority Whip and on the House Armed Services Committee, where he serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Readiness. He also serves on the Committee on Education and the Workforce and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Since the 111th Congress, he has been appointed to the highly influential Republican Policy Committee. He also serves as Chair of the Bulgaria Caucus and the French Caucus, Co-Chair for the Slovak Caucus, and on the Afghanistan Caucus, the Kurdistan Caucus, and the Americans Abroad Caucus.”

This week, though, when attending a town hall meeting in Graniteville, SC, Wilson got a taste of his own medicine when he was repeatedly yelled out by the crowd. “You lie! You lie!” they cried.

How did it feel, Joe?





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