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GOP Launches Probe Of Georgia Democratic Party To Disrupt Election



Recently, Blue Side Nation reported that the GOP in Georgia was engaging in dirty tricks to try to block certain groups of people from voting in the impending midterms, in order to swing the results in their favor. Well, guess what, folks. They’re at it again!

Luckily, on that previous occasion, the senior GOP officials involved were shut down by a federal judge before their deplorable actions could have any real impact. This time, though, so close to the midterms, that might not be possible. And it’s not like they don’t know that.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp provoked furore when he announced that his office was opening up an official investigation into the Georgia Democratic Party. First, Kemp is himself a candidate in the election. Second, there are no known grounds for any investigation. Third, the election is less than two days away. Three reasons why this is utterly appalling behavior!

Kemp defended the investigation, alleging that the Georgia Democratic Party was involved in an attempted hack of the state’s voter registration system. Poor guy, he must have got his facts muddled. Someone please remind him that it’s actually the Republicans, not the Democrats, who conspire with foreign powers and hire hackers in order to win elections.

The defense offered by Kemp obviously doesn’t stack up. As leaked emails show, there is no clear indication of where this information about the alleged hacking actually came from. It’s almost as if it just emerged from thin air. How peculiar.

The emails reveal that all the Georgia Democrats, far from participating in a hack or any other dodgy activity, merely passed on some information relating to some cybersecurity concerns they had to a private firm. That’s literally it. You have to make quite a leap to get from that to “they hacked into our electoral system”.

Obviously, the Georgia Democrats have strenuously denied all the allegations being made against them. They were also quick to point out how undeniably eyebrow-raising it is that Brian Kemp is currently both the Republican nominee for governor and the state’s chief election official responsible for overseeing the entire electoral process.

Stacey Abrams, Kemp’s gubernatorial rival, hit back at him in no uncertain terms. “It’s wrong to call it an investigation,” she said. “It’s a witch hunt that was created by someone who is abusing his power.”

Too right. Here’s to hoping this blatant and heinous election meddling from the GOP doesn’t impact the democratic result.





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