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GOP Led Wisconsin State Senate Pass Measures To Limit The Power Of Incoming Democratic Governor And AG



It is now officially December, which means that the midterm elections which happened at the beginning of last month feel like a lifetime ago. That’s the way it is with the constant chaos of American politics these days.

In those midterm elections, as well as taking back control of the House of Representatives, the perhaps lesser touted aspect of the Democratic gains that came from the Blue Wave was the numerous victories in gubernatorial races up and down the country. Many states have newly Blue governors, and that is most definitely a good thing for us on the left.

There’s just one problem. The Republicans were hardly going to stand by and allow the democratically elected Democratic candidates to take office and take up the reins of power now, were they? On the contrary – it seems that the GOP is dead set on sabotaging the newly elected Democrats at every turn.

Take, for instance, Wisconsin, which last month elected a Democratic governor and attorney general. The Republicans there still control the General Assembly, so they have taken the opportunity to push through a whole bunch of measures specifically designed to limit the power of the Democrats as much as possible. It was called out publicly by the Wisconsin Democrats for the blatant power grab that it is, but to no avail.

Republican state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald seemed pretty chuffed with his achievements, which he tried to pass off as legitimate lawmaking. “Today’s extraordinary session codifies into law reforms that have been eight years in the making,” he said in a statement. “Law written by the legislature and passed by a governor should not be erased based on the political maneuvering of an incoming administration.”

Understandably, the incoming Democratic governor Tony Evers was outraged by the proceedings of the state Senate. “It’s embarrassing, to some extent, to the state of Wisconsin,” he said.

He was not alone in his condemnation of the horrendously undemocratic move by the Wisconsin GOP. Democratic state Senator Chris Larson put it brilliantly in his statement:

“The Republican-controlled legislature voted to subvert the will of the people. Never before in Wisconsin’s 170-year history has an extraordinary session been used in such a cold, calculated way in order to usurp the power of duly elected constitutional officers. What the Republicans have done is terribly short-sighted and will leave a permanent stain on their and our state’s legacy.”

He makes a good point. The American people are not dumb and they can see what has happened here. Hopefully, they will remember that when the next election cycle comes around.





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