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GOP Senator Susan Collins Blasted Trump And The White House For Insane Russia Move



Much has been made about President Donald Trump trying to discredit the FBI’s investigation into potential collusion between Russia and his administration. Yet, another element of this story concerns his handling or lack thereof of Russian sanctions.

After multiple intelligence agencies confirmed Russia tried to mettle in our 2016 elections, the Senate passed a bill by a 98-2 majority to increase sanctions on them. Senator Susan Collins doesn’t understand why the Trump administration doesn’t increase these sanctions and she went on CNN’s “New Day” to discuss it.

“The one thing we know for sure is the Russians did attempt to meddle in our election. And not only should there be a price to pay in terms of sanctions, but also we need to put safeguards in place right now for the elections for this year.”

In a somewhat eyebrow-raising response, the Trump administration told Congress on Monday that the legislation was enough of a deterrent, and, as result, the actual sanctions would not be implemented, according to The Hill. This is akin to a cop pulling you over for speeding, giving you the ticket and then saying you don’t have to pay it. It defeats the purpose of the legislation if there’s no action behind it.

And this is where the problem lies. Collins doesn’t think Russia will stop with the 2016 elections.

“We know the Russians have not given up on their disinformation campaign and their attempt to sow discord in this country, and also to undermine faith in democratic institutions.”

Keep in mind Facebook recently released a letter stating Russian agents started 129 events on the social media site during the 2016 election. At times, they sponsored protest events for both sides at the same time in the same area to sow this discord even more.

If Trump is so worried about the security of our country, why not put a stop to this? Why not show the world that if you try to meddle in our elections we’ll impose strict sanctions against you? The tepid response from Trump’s team, is, as Collins says, perplexing, to say the least.





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