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GOP Senator Susan Collins Just Called Out Trump For His Disturbing Sexual Harassment History



Republican Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) is making headlines again with her latest denouncement of Trump’s activities. In the wake of sexual assault accusation ripping the careers right out from under many famous men in recent weeks, Collins is calling attention to the various abuse allegations against the president.

While talking to ABC’s “This Week,” Collins said that part of why she cannot support the president from her party is because more than a dozen women have come forth and accused him of sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse. More accusations are expected.

“He did say that [all the women are lying] and President Trump was not my choice for the Republican nominee for president and I did not support him in part because of the way that all of these reports about how he was treating women,” Collins said. However, “[Trump] is president now and I am working with him on some issues but those allegations remain very disturbing.”

Once again, Senator Collins is on the forefront of her party, simply because she can publicly acknowledge that Trump’s behavior is wrong in so many ways and does not sweep those wrongdoings under a metaphorical rug, or bury them under a metaphorical avalanche. Why is it so easy for people to point out the wrongdoings of other politicians, but when it comes to Trump they pretend like he has no accusations against his own behavior? The Republican party needs to grow in so many ways; looking to Collins as an example is a fantastic way to start.





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