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GOP Senators Found Skirting Rules And Norms To Push Judicial Nominees With Zero Support



Very recently, Blue Side Nation reported on the terrible conduct of senior Republican Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee when they decided to hold a hearing during recess – which is completely unheard of – specifically because they knew no Democrats would be able to make it so they would be able to do whatever they wanted.

It should to shock no one  that they have gone and done it again. The Senate Judiciary, under the chairmanship of Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, has disgracefully and repeatedly bypassed conventions and rules in order to get its way. The most recent example of this came when they decided to jam through a nominee who had zero support in his home state.

Here’s what usually happens: a nominee is presented to the Committee and to their home Senators. So, in the case of Ninth Circuit nominee Eric Miller who currently lives and works in Washington, the approval of either Sens. Patty Murray or Maria Cantwell of Washington would be required to advance his nomination. This is called a ‘blue slip’.

Not today, though. Grassley now reckons it’s perfectly acceptable to do away with these long-held conventions. So, without checking with anyone else first (not even Murray and Cantwell, the Democrats who this sleazy move specifically screws over) he and his cronies jammed through Miller’s nomination by granting him a confirmation hearing anyway.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, who is the most senior Democrat on the Committee (and is also in line to take over the Committee from Grassley if things go well for the Democrats in the upcoming midterms) was absolutely fuming when she realized what they had done. Here’s what she said: “This is just the second nominee in history advanced over the objection of both home-state senators. Sens. Cantwell and Murray have made clear they were not consulted on this nomination, which bypassed the bipartisan process in their state.”

Sure, so the slimy GOP ignored the normal way of doing things. But why does that matter? This dude would have probably got a confirmation hearing anyway. No harm, no foul. Right?

Wrong! As it turns out – shockingly – Sens. Murray and Cantwell didn’t oppose Miller’s nomination just for the fun of it, or out of pure spite. They did, in fact, have very serious and valid concerns about him as a judicial candidate. Specifically, Miller has previously taken up some pretty worrying positions regarding Native American tribal sovereignty.

There was a debate that needed to be had there. The checks exist for a reason. This is why due process is so important. And this is what happens when the Republicans run anything.





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