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Hannity Tried To Call Out Rachel Maddow And Megyn Kelly, Put His Foot In His Mouth Instead



Fox News host and verbal asshat Sean Hannity is on the warpath again. His target this time is former colleague Megyn Kelly, who left the network to join NBC News in January. He asked Megan,“if she was proud of a recent interview conducted by Rachel Maddow with Eric Holder.”

“She didn’t ask Holder a single question about Uranium One. And Maddow has probably been one of the biggest proponents of pushing the false narrative lies about Trump-Russia collusion.” He concluded with, “Lester Holt, Matt Lauer, you guys proud of this? Megyn Kelly, are you proud of that reporting?”

Hannity has been beating this drum for anyone who will listen to him. At the beginning of the video segment, and we apologize now for you having to endure this insufferable talking head, he says, “The Hill reports the Obama administration gave a visa to a Russian nuclear official even after evidence showed he was involved in bribery and kickbacks extortion and money laundering with all these schemes to advance Vladimir Putin’s uranium interest in America.”  Citing the same FBI informant he used for other Russian stories, Hannity continues, “This is the same FBI informant that helped uncover the Russian nuclear bribery and kickback plot and reportedly has all the evidence of the Russian money flowing straight to the Clintons.”

Matt Gertz of Salon does an excellent job breaking down what Hannity’s talking points mean, “This new move is a defensive one, aimed at protecting Trump by diverting attention to his former opponent. The formation of the Government Accountability Institute by Stephen Bannon led to the book Clinton Cash, which was written by discredited novelist Peter Schweizer, who promoted the idea that Hillary was a central figure in the purchase of Uranium One from Russia due to money given to the Clinton Foundation. Yet, when pressed about whether she was a central figure, Schweizer said he had no evidence she participated.”

Hannity has been the main mouthpiece behind this false campaign, which isn’t surprising since his gospel is gossip, not the truth. And he continues to go after those who kick his butts in the ratings like Maddow because this is what desperate men do.





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