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Here’s Every Lie Trump Told In His State Of The Union Speech



President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union address last night in which he outlined the success his administration has had in its first year. The New York Times decided to test Trump’s claims made throughout his speech to see whether he was telling the truth, enhancing it or being dishonest.

The economy was one of the biggest selling points for Trump and why not? This is one area where there’s been some success. For instance, the GOP tax plan sparked some companies such as Waste Management and Walmart to offer one-time bonuses to their employees. Of course in the case of Walmart, they are closing stores so it’s really just a way for them to continue to be awful.

Trump continued the verbal patting his back by claiming his administration enacted the biggest tax cuts in America history. The New York Times ranked Trump’s tax cuts as the 12th biggest in American history, so Trump embellished the truth quite a bit here.

And let’s not forget about the stock market. For those lucky enough to have investment accounts, 2017 was a very good year. President Trump said, “the stock market has smashed one record after another.” The New York Times agrees, stating that the S&P 500 stock index rose 24.7 percent since Trump took office.

Moving onto to healthcare, Trump said, “one of my greatest priorities is to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. In many other countries, these drugs cost far less than what we pay in the United States.” The New York Times agrees with this statement, stating the main causes of the high prices are drug companies that drive up costs and lobby to oppose regulation.

Trump also touched on immigration. A ridiculous comment he made was, “the third pillar ends the visa lottery–a program that randomly hands out green cards without any regard for skill, merit or safety of our people.” Ron Nixon told the New York Times this is false. That to receive the visa the State Department requires applicants to have a high school diploma or two years of work experience in the past five years.

Moreover, the applicant must undergo criminal records check and have a medical exam. The whole vetting process can take up to months.

These are just a sampling of the findings the New York Times unearthed. For the most part, Trump’s tale was using generalizations for inaccurate statements. Therefore, the address was a good blend of fact with well-dressed fiction.





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