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Here’s How An Openly Homphobic Judge Used Corporate Support To Gain A Supreme Court Victory



Anyone with half a brain could talk for days on end about how awful capitalism is, thanks to the way it promotes corporatism and gives all the power to big business and billionaires. It is no surprise that President Donald Trump is a staunch capitalist, since he sits at the very top of the Washington right wing establishment, is a billionaire and business mogul himself and has vested interests in helping his friends out, who are also all extremely rich and powerful. Perhaps the very worst thing about living in a totally capitalistic America is the fact that it is inherently anti democratic. These billionaires are not accountable to anyone, so they can do, say and fund whatever they like with zero consequences.

We saw this in the most stark and horrific terms recently when a shockingly right wing judge, who has openly expressed homphobic, transphobic and anti LGBTQ sentiment on multiple occasions throughout his career, got himself a Supreme Court appointment thanks to getting a leg up from big business:

Arch-conservative Judge Brian Hagedorn can attribute his recent Wisconsin Supreme Court victory in part to a group of around a dozen companies who donated to an organization that works to elect GOP state candidates, a recent ThinkProgress analysis found. Hagedorn, who has served on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals since 2015 when he was appointed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker, beat Judge Lisa Neubauer, a progressive jurist also serving on the appeals court, by a razor-thin margin. Neubauer conceded last week’s election for a 10-year term on Wednesday.

The difference maker in Neubauer’s defeat appears to have been a massive last-minute ad campaign from a national Republican group that works to elect conservatives at the state level. Hagedorn was a self-described conservative soldier in the culture wars in the 2000s, writing on his blog that legalizing gay sex was akin to promoting bestiality. He took thousands of dollars in honorarium payments for speeches to the Alliance Defending Freedom. He also came under fire during his 2019 campaign for serving on the board of an elementary school that bans LGBTQ students, parents, and teachers.

This is horrifying to see, but this is the America we live in. This is what happens when someone like Trump becomes President ofthe United States and leader ofthe free world. The rich are suddenly free to endorse all their prejudices with their wallets. And it shows no sign of stopping.





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