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Here’s How Bill Barr Could Be Forced To Publish The Entire Mueller Report Before Anyone Expected



In recent days and weeks, it seems like we cannot talk about anything other than the Mueller report. It feels like a very, very long time ago indeed that former Director of the FBI Robert Mueller was invited to be a Special Counsel and set up a probe to look into claims that the 2016 campaign to elect Republican candidate Donald Trump to the presidency might have colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the result from their Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and then committed obstruction of justice in an attempt to cover it up.

For the entire duration of Trump’s presidency, everyone has been eagerly awaiting the outcome of that investigation. So, when it was announced recently that the probe was finished and the report ahd been concluded, and someone marched over to the office of Attorney General Bill Barr with a final copy of it, we all got very excited indeed. Sadly, that elation was short lived, since we soon learned that we would not actually get to read the report itself that Mueller wrote, but that instead we would only get a brief conclusion written by Barr which did not even contain a single quote from Mueller.

The answer, then, is to get the Mueller report published in full so we can see all the evidence the team collected against the Trump campaign. The immediate problem with that is that the report currently lies in the hands of the Attorney General, who is a close friend of the Trump family and will not give up this damning evidence easily. However, recent reports suggest there may be a way to use federal law to force Barr to give up the report and make it public in its entirety. This analysis comes from the Palmer Report:

Former U.S. Attorney Barb McQuade tweeted that, even in light of the new appeals court ruling, Judge Howell can order the release of the Mueller grand jury materials under Footnote 3 of Rule 6(e). What we find interesting is that this ruling clearly establishes that judges can release grand jury materials under the right circumstances. So if Judge Howell rules that the Mueller grand jury materials must be released, and William Barr tries to appeal it, House Democrats can point to Friday’s ruling to try to help make their case.

If this is true, it could be extremely big. We need to see that report for the sake of our democracy, and this might just be the way to make that happen.





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