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Here’s How Michelle Obama Could Lead The Democrats To Victory In 2020



That’s right. Sorry folks, but it’s very nearly 2019, and that means it is basically time to start talking about the 2020 election cycle. Don’t worry, though, it’s good news – Michelle Obama might just be the secret weapon the Democraats need.

Rumor has it that she is considering a run for the US Senate, which would be truly incredible, and might just lead the Democrats on a wave of momentum that they need to surge to victory in 2020.

As the Washington Examiner explains:

“There is no per­son in polit­ics that I think Demo­crats, in­de­pend­ents, and Re­pub­lic­ans would love to see take on pub­lic ser­vice more than the first lady,” Thomas Bowen, a former top aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, told NJ’s Karyn Bruggeman.

He said he’d encourage her to run. “The an­swer is yes. We would en­cour­age her and put pres­sure on her,” said Bowen, adding, “But we are also kind of real­ist­ic in our ex­pect­a­tions and take her at her word that it’s not something she wants to do right now. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever be an op­tion in the fu­ture, and we will wait faith­fully for her.”

According to the report, Emanuel’s seat could open in 2019, and Sen. Dick Durbin is considering a gubernatorial bid in 2018.

“Ob­vi­ously she’d be qual­i­fied to run for just about any of­fice up and down the tick­et, but I think she has con­sist­ently talked about not hav­ing any in­terest in polit­ic­al of­fice,” Illinois Democratic Party Spokesman Steve Brown said.

There are about a billion reasons why this is a fantastic idea. A journalist made a list of just some of them and it has made me indescribably happy already:

  • She’s dealt with unrelenting criticism as First Lady and kept her cool.
  • She has wit, grace, style, passion, and fierce intelligence.
  • She’s immensely popular, even beloved.
  • She’s met many world leaders and has a broad vision of America’s challenges.
  • She’s a people person and even Melania Trump admires her.
  • She’s had almost eight years of watching how Washington works and knows the major players.
  • She’s an excellent spokeswoman for whatever cause she’s taken up.
  • She’s a hoot on talk shows.
  • She can rock Stevie Wonder and Missy Elliott.
  • She’s young, passionate, and the Democrats need new blood in the party.
  • She would help build a female power base in a male-dominated house.
  • She gives an amazing, heartfelt speech.
  • She would change the dynamic in a place filled with fossils.

Let’s do it, Michelle. Bring on the Blue Wave 2.0 and let’s unseat this horrid President and overthrow this corrupt administration.





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