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Here’s How Robert Porter’s Abuse Allegations Could Lead To John Kelly Being Fired



White House chief of Staff John Kelly’s reputation has plummeted faster than the stock market thanks to a report from the Washington Post stating Kelly knew about allegations against staff secretary Rob Porter as early as last fall.

According to the report, White House counsel Don McGahn informed Kelly of Porter’s abuse allegations from two of his ex-wives. While allegations might not be enough grounds to fire someone, politically it’s best to back away until the truth surfaces.

This wasn’t the way Kelly played it though. Instead of placing Porter on leave, he gave Rob more responsibilities. And by doing this Kelly gave his enemies another point of contention they can use to try to have him removed.

One source in Trump’s administration told the Hill, “We’ll see this as an inflection point where he is fired. Kelly is tone deaf and politically inept.” Another source told of the frustration many feel since Kelly took over. “Everybody knows he limits access and information flow to the POTUS on a daily basis; this could be the beginning of the end–and maybe Kelly as chief.”

Kelly and Trump have had the Oscar and Felix relationship due to their contrasting personalities. Trump is loose while Kelly likes to adhere to a schedule. Even with these differences, the president is standing behind his chief of staff. White House press secretary Raj Shah told the press that Kelly has Trump’s full confidence.

Yet, it’s hard to believe this given Kelly’s fluctuation in attitude. When the allegations against Porter became public, Kelly stood behind him even begging him to keep his post. Later that evening, he released a statement saying “there’s no place for domestic violence in our society.”

So what changed his perspective so fast? And why did he make this decision now instead of having Porter step down last fall when he first learned of the allegations?

At best, Kelly is guilty of believing his work colleague instead of doing his research to find out the truth. And no matter how you spin this, Kelly’s actions give his enemies all the clout they need to try to lead to his ouster.





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