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Here’s The True Meaning Behind Why Trump Wants A Military Parade



A report from the Washington Post indicates that President Donald Trump is once again bringing up the idea of a huge military parade in our nation’s capital.

Trump has publicly stated his desire for such a parade on many occasions. He’s even told President Emmanuel Macron of France how much he admires that nation’s own parade that is similar in nature, which Trump witnessed firsthand during their Bastille Day celebration.

Right when Trump assumed office, he told the Post how he wanted to do a grand, elaborate parade, displaying the military strength of the United States.

There are many practical reasons against doing this, however. Giant tanks will ruin the roads. Such a parade will end up costing tens of millions of dollars. As Josh Jordan points out, it’s a very hypocritical move by this administration on the issue of costs alone:

More importantly, it sends the wrong message — and furthers the idea that Trump is attempting something more nefarious.

These types of parades, experts point out, happen in countries with authoritarian bents — they’re reminiscent of Stalin’s parades in Soviet Russia or, more recently, the demonstrations of military strength in North Korea. Indeed, most presidents in our history have tried to avoid the appearance of parading out our military in order to score political points.

Trump will undoubtedly say that this parade is not for him, and demonstrates our respect for those in the armed forces. Most Americans are already thankful for the work these individuals do, but there are better ways to show that appreciation than a parade (recall that Trump actually proposed cutting military benefits in his budget proposal last year).

We can honor military service members without deifying them. More importantly, we must respect the separation of our military from the government or its leaders — and not allow Trump to make attempts to connect his image with that of soldiers who serve.

Trump has made that attempt in the past, deriding NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. The president has expressed that their actions, in his mind, are disrespectful of the military, and many have bought into that idea.

Yet when it came to singing the national anthem itself, Trump showed the nation his true feelings — by letting us all know that he didn’t even know the words, casting doubts about his prior arguments of showing respect during the ritual.

That incident is the perfect metaphor for this proposed military parade in Washington. Trump doesn’t actually care about the troops, but rather the military’s association with the government, and more importantly the president’s association with the armed forces. The parade is an attempt to strengthen that association (even though in the past Trump has shown disrespect for those who wear the uniform).

Pride in one’s nation is a respectable trait. So is honoring those who enter a life of service. But what Trump is proposing borders on nationalistic, authoritarian tendencies.

This march is a bad idea. Hopefully, the American people will wise up to Trump’s less-than-veiled attempts to use the military as a prop to further his goals.





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