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Here’s What Everyone Missed In The Mueller Report: Trump Is Guilty



When the Mueller report was finally published, there was a roar of victory from President Donald Trump, his crony Attorney General Bill Barr and all those Trump supporters who had been terrified that their hero would be taken down by this. Barr and Trump both proudly claimed that the report, in spite of the fact that it had large sections redacted, proved that there was “no collusion”. For over two years now, Donald Trump has been President of the United States and leader of the free world, and the American public has been waiting for the verdict of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on whether he is actually guilty of the crimes he is accused of, including collusion and obstruction of justice. So it was indescribably disheartening to see headlines claiming that Trump had been exonerated when the report was finally released to the public.

However, as is almost always the case with politics, things are not that simple. President Donald Trump is at the very top of the right wing Washington establishment, meaning that he has the ability to control and manipulate a huge amount of people and institutions. That is why those headlines appeared, despite the fact that the true content of the Mueller report was extremely damning, especially when it comes to obstruction of justice:

Special counsel Robert Mueller in his report released Thursday identified 10 separate instances in which President Donald Trump acted to stymie the investigation into him or his ties to Russia. Mueller’s office declined to label these instances obstruction of justice because of longstanding Justice Department guidelines against indicting a sitting president, but the report did not clear him of those allegations, either. Mueller’s report further explains that his investigative mandate did not require him to decide whether those instances constitute criminal activity, and the report laid out why that question should be resolved by another authority, such as Congress.

The full, redacted text of the report illuminates Attorney General William Barr’s limber manipulations of what Mueller actually found. The Mueller team explicitly rejected the very concept of “collusion” throughout its work, for example, because that media-friendly term is meaningless in U.S. criminal law. Mueller looked for criminal conspiracy instead, and found that the evidence fell short of that measure. Barr nonetheless parroted the president’s favorite phrase and falsely attributed to Mueller a firm conclusion that there’d been “no collusion.” Barr repeated it at least four times in his Thursday press conference ahead of the redacted report’s release.

How much longer will people believe Trump’s lies?





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