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Here’s What The Right Doesn’t Want You To Know About Kathy Griffin’s Photo Scandal



Kathy Griffin remains under fire for the controversial stunt-photo in which she appears to be holding Donald Trump’s disembodied head.

Griffin has since apologized and asked that photographer Tyler Shields remove the image, however, CNN already relieved her of New Year’s Eve broadcasting duties.

American political satire tends to be much kinder and gentler than its Western European counterparts. Griffin and Shields missed the mark on any satirical value, as their audience was largely overwhelmed by the gruesomeness of the photograph. It can be argued the photo was intended to evoke French Revolution (guillotine) imagery.

Kathy Griffin’s comedic style is self-conscious in its subversion. She loves stunts, and knows just how much mileage and fame currency stunts can provide. Her comedy career has been built upon stunts. One shouldn’t be surprised that she chose to participate in this photo shoot. If anything, it’s bizarre that she opted to apologize.

The question isn’t whether one likes the photograph. The chiding Griffin received was arguably the single most bi-partisan effort by politicos since Trump took office. What matters here is that Kathy Griffin cannot be prosecuted for what many consider a crime against good taste.

First Amendment triumphs over virtually everything, respectability politics included.






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