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House Democrats Are About To Come Down Hard On Trump Despite Mueller Report



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into President Donald Trump, his Organization, his White House, his administration, his close circle and his White House seems now like it has been going on for many lifetimes. It certainly feels like much longer than two years ago at this point that the Justice Department (specifically, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) found itself forced to commission the former Director of the FBI to set up a probe to investigate the claims that the campaign to elect then Republican candidate Donald Trump as President of the United States and leader of the free world during the 2016 presidential election colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the result of the election and the White House from rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in a desperate attempt to cover it up.

As if all of that was not enough for the President to have to worry about, he has also been forced to worry about an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee into his inner circle. That investigation was launched earlier this month and is now reaching its conclusion, as more and more evidence has piled up. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was, of course, totally outraged by the idea that someone might actually try to hold the man in the Oval Office to account for his actions:

“Today, Chairman Nadler opened up a disgraceful and abusive investigation into tired, false allegations already investigated by the Special Counsel and committees in both Chambers of Congress. Chairman Nadler and his fellow Democrats have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified that their two-year false narrative of ‘Russia collusion’ is crumbling. Their intimidation and abuse of American citizens is shameful. Democrats are harassing the President to distract from their radical agenda of making American a socialist country, killing babies after they’re born, and pushing a ‘green new deal’ that would destroy jobs and bankrupt America. The American people deserve a Congress that works with the President to address serious issues like immigration, healthcare and infrastructure. The Democrats are more interested in pathetic political games and catering a radical, leftist base than on producing results for citizens. The Democrats are not after the truth, they are after the President.”

Luckily for us, our elected Democrats do not care what the President’s spokesperson has to say and will continue with their necessary mission regardless, so that the truth will come out.





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