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House Democrats Deny Impeachment Preparations, But Hidden Subpoenas Reveal A Secret Plan To Take Down Trump



For a very long time now, everyone had been saying that when the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was finally released to the public to be scrutinized, the entire Russia scandal and the future of the Trump administration would become much clearer. However, that has not happened. Things are as confused now as they ever were. It is over two years now since the Department of Justice commissioned former Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III to investigate allegations that the 2016 campaign to elect then Republican candidate Donald Trump to the presidency may have colluded with Russian state actors and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in an attempt to cover it up.

Various episodes over the past two and a bit years that President Donald Trump has occupied the position of President of the United States and leader of the free world have made it perfectly clear that he and his cronies are guilty of a huge amount of wrongdoing throughout the campaign. The only question at this point is to what degree he will actually have to face justice for what he has done. The Mueller inquiry team have already indicted and brought charges against a number of senior Trump allies, several of whom are either cooperating with the probe or are facing a hefty jail sentence. But when the Special Counsel announced that he would not be making any further indictments, and the entire Trump family and White House staff remained untouched by legal proceedings, this whole affair became anybody’s guess once again.

When Mueller concluded his inquiry, the burden passed over to Congress. Ever since the midterm elections in November of last year, Democrats have controlled the House of Representatives and all the powerful committees that come with it, so they are in an excellent position to finish the work started by the Special Counsel. One of the very first things they did was demand to speak to Mueller himself to get to the bottom of his findings, but it does not end there. Senior Democratic figures such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have been significantly downplaying the prospect of impeaching the President, but recent reports have revealed that others, including House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, have been quietly sending out subpoenas to key players who Mueller did not indict, such as former White House Counsel Don McGahn, with others like Steve Bannon and Hope Hicks supposedly on the way.

The Russia investigations are far from finished, and Trump is far from safe.





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