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Intelligence Committees Drops Brutal News On Donald Trump Jr About Russian Contacts During Election



NBC News reports Donald Trump Jr. will undergo questioning before congressional intelligence committees. The committees are looking for possible collusion before the Trump administration and Russia.

The reason for interviewing the president’s son comes from meetings he had with Russians. First, he met in June of 2016 at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer. The purpose of the gathering was to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. This was according to Trump Jr., who mentioned the purpose of the meeting to the Senate Intelligence Committee back in September. In what has become the norm for members of the Trump administration, Trump Jr. denied any collusion attempts with Russia which at best makes him unreliable. Not a good look for someone about to undergo intense questioning.

NBC reports that the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, spoke with the Senate Judiciary Committee during which she said Trump Jr. asked her for evidence of illegal donations to the Clinton Foundation. After saying she didn’t have access to the information he wanted, Natalia noted that the president’s son’s interest in the Russian lawyer began to wane. After all, if she couldn’t fail to produce the ammo, he was going to find another supplier.

Then there’s the dinner Trump Jr. had with Alexander Torshin in May of 2016. The lawyer for the president’s son acknowledged the meeting took place but told NBC News it was nothing more than small talk.

It isn’t only the fact Trump Jr. met with two people with Russian ties, it was when he met with them. Both of these meetings occurred during a fierce Presidential campaign his dad was trying to win.

Add to this the fact Trump Jr. has said he was interested in any dirt on Clinton from the Russians but wasn’t colluding with them, and it creates a picture of someone with conflicting agendas. If the committees call him out on his bullshit, it could lead to questions, he, his dad, and the rest of the administration don’t want to answer.





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