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Ivanka And Melania Trump Are Officially The Host Hated Female Political Figures In American History



The family of President Donald Trump are currently some of the most powerful and dangerous people on the planet. First Lady Melania Trump is his third wife, and she has spent most of her time in office having to bat away press reports about continuing marital rifts and her crying on election night. When you get to Ivanka Trump, it gets even worse. President Trump created a whole new senior position in the White House – First Daughter – just for her. She is married to Jared Kushner, who is a key piece in the puzzle of the Trump Russia collusion investigation and also has extremely worrying close ties with Saudi Arabia and others. And Ivanka herself is problematic on so many levels, not least messing up her classified emails in a way worse way than Hillary Clinton (but not being on the receiving end of an FBI investigation, of course).

Rumor has it that Ivanka is considering one day running for President of the United States – God help us all! Thankfully, this latest piece of news concerning her and Melania and their position in the public eye might actually jettison that dream once and for all. The guys over at Quinnipac University have conducted a poll to try to gauge where public opinion is regarding the First Daughter and the First Lady and, in short, it is not at all good news for the Trump women in the White House.

While the approval rating of the President himself is pretty dismal at a mere 39 per cent, the rating given to Ivanka is even worse at just 36 per cent, with Melania getting a shockingly low 34 per cent. According to analysis from CNN, this could truly be detrimental for the pair, since they are used by the President in his uniquely misogynistic and vile way) to promote his own personal brand, and especially when it comes to possible future ambitions for high office themselves.

Jared Kushner did not fare any better. His roles in the White House are much, much too numerous for any one person, especially one as staggeringly incompetent as him. Nonetheless, his father-in-law has pretty much kept a constant stream of power and influence flowing his way for the entire time that he has been in the White House so far. Over half of respondents to the poll said his position was “not appropriate”.

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