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Ivanka Trump’s Email Disaster Just Got A Thousand Times Worse



Very recently, Blue Side Nation reported on the appalling actions of Ivanka Trump, First Daughter and Special Adviser to the President. Despite the frequency, volume and hostility of her father’s campaigning against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her alleged use of a private email server for confidential and classified communications, Ivanka went and did exactly the same thing for several weeks when she first started working at the White House.

You would have thought that after seeing her father hosting barnstorming campaign rallies every night, repeatedly slamming Hillary Clinton with varying levels of misogyny and massively over-egging the supposed danger she put America in with her carelessness, Ivanka would take a little bit of care with using her personal email account for White House business. But, no. This just goes to show how monumentally ill-equippred this family are to be in the White House.

What’s more, this is about to get a whole lot worse for her. She might have hoped that the scandal would go away quickly, but on the contrary: recent developments have shown that opponents of President Trump’s administration are going to make full use of this awful saga to political ends.

It has been reported that GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina is leading the charge to kickstart an investigation into the incident. He has apparently written to the White House this week to request a wealth of information about the circumstances surrounding the period in question. As Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Gowdy carries quite a bit of sway in this area – when he comes knocking, things can only get worse.

Gowdy has submitted a formal request to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to comply, arguing that Ivanka’s use of a private email server “implicates the Presidential Records Act and other security and recordkeeping requirements.” This is serious – the First Daughter may have actually broken a law here.

The no-nonsense letter clearly set out the expectations of the Committee going forward, mapping out how the investigation will progress. For instance, it said a deadline of December 5 for an official response to the inquiry from the White House, and it also asked to be kept fully up-to-date from now on regarding the internal White House investigation into record-keeping procedures.

The President has, predictably, dismissed the story as “fake news” and Ivanka’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, said that his client “sometimes used her personal account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family.”

I’m betting Gowdy won’t buy that for a second.





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