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Jared Kushner Set To Face Big Legal Trouble, Named In Key Mueller Document



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the 2016 Trump campaign and alleged collusion between them and Russian state actors in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Presidential election (as well as alleged obstruction of justice since then) has been going on for what seems like an age. Mueller has been quietly and very professionally working away in the background, interviewing witnesses and gathering all the information he can about the Trump administration and its alleged misdeeds. And this dam is about to blow.

We are already seeing the first few leaks of water springing through the walls of the dam as it starts to reach bursting point. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are the names that spring to mind right away. They have all fallen foul of the Special Counsel already. Now, though, Mueller is closing in on the White House and the Trump family and senior aide and adviser Jared Kushner – who is also, of course, Ivanka Trump‘s husband and therefore the son-in-law of the President – is next on the list.

Recently, a sentencing memo originating from Mueller’s probe found its way into the public domain via the news media. Though much of its content has been redacted, the parts that have been left open for us to see are very revealing, and do not make for pleasant reading for President Trump and his allies – especially Jared Kushner.

The main thing that the non-redacted sections of the memo focus on is the bargaining deal struck between Special Counsel Mueller and witness Michael Flynn. It seems that Flynn cooperated fully with the inquiry by giving up all the information that was asked of him, which in itself is a pretty catastrophic blow for the White House – that’s a key ally and a wealth of damning information already in Mueller’s pocket.

Later on in the memo, though, is when it gets really juicy. It seems that before President Trump actually took office, Flynn was sent out to conduct some ominous and mysterious meetings in Russia, supposedly focussing on the UN and relations with Israel. But, here’s the key point: Flynn attended those meetings on the direct orders of Jared Kushner.

The reason this is so troubling for the Trump camp is that this, if proven, would likely constitute a felony violation of the Logan Act, because it seems that Kushner was trying to organise a private and secret negotiation between the incoming Trump White House and the Kremlin. Which, in both legal and moral terms, is a very, very bad thing to do.

Crunch time is coming for Kushner, and my bet is the President won’t be far behind.





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