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Jared Kushner’s Russia Involvement Could Be So Bad His Lawyer Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With It



First Son-In-Law and inexplicable White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner just lost a valuable ally. Jamie Gorelick, a powerful D.C. attorney attorney who has represented Kushner, officially eschewed representing Kushner regarding the Russia investigation.

In fact, Kushner hired Gorelick just months ago as his attorney just a short time ago.

Now? She’s out, at least when it comes to Russia.

Gorelick first told the National Law Journal about her recusal from all Russian Kushner matters, however, she indicated what she will continue to advise Mr. Kushner on “ethics and disclosures.” She was originally hired to represent Jared Kushner on issues related to ethics and security clearance. Jamie Gorelick already faced questions over whether her work for Kushner regarding the Russia investigation might conflict with Robert Mueller’s work at the Justice Department. Mueller leads the special counsel conducting the investigation. Gorelick was partners with Mueller and three others on his team at the law firm of Wilmer Hale.

The First Son-In-Law will now be represented on the Russia probes by another elite Washington attorney – albeit one who specializes in criminal defense – Abbe Lowell. Lowell is also well-known in D.C. as she while Lowell is head of Norton Rose Fulbrights’ White Collar Group.

Both Lowell and Gorelick are Democrats, with Gorelick thought to have been Hillary Clinton’s pick for Attorney General, had she won she presidential election. All in all what does this mean? Well the Gorelick snub is a huge blow to Kushner as that was the 1st round draft pick of lawyers for Kushner. It also shows that this could be a much larger iceberg than previously thought. If Gorelick, someone who would have been perfect for this case, won’t even take it on, what does that tell you about the level of severity here?

It’s pretty devastating news for this whole process. It could even mean that Kushner is up shits creek…





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