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Jeff Flake Responded To Trump’s Vulgar Comments On Immigrants In The Classiest Way Possible



President Donald Trump’s racist comments regarding immigrants coming to America from certain non-white nations should be condemned. Many lawmakers and pundits have already weighed in. With very limited exception, they’ve been overwhelmingly critical of the president.

Trump reportedly called the Caribbean nation of Haiti and African nations broadly “shithole” countries, and asked why we couldn’t increase immigration numbers from places like Norway, a predominantly white nation.

He has since denied that he described those nations as shitholes, but there’s reason to doubt his denial. For starters, the White House itself didn’t deny it in the hours after it was reported. Lawmakers who were present at the meeting — including Sen. Lindsey Graham and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, both Republican allies of Trump — have also not denied that the president said as much after the president’s comments were revealed. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who was also present at the meeting, further confirmed Trump issued the “shithole” comment.

Condemnation has been swift, with some expressing incredible dismay with the president’s choice of words. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was among those who provided a classy response to Trump, pointing out his own family’s history when it comes to immigration.

Flake pointed out that his own “ancestors came from countries not as prosperous” as America was at the time. “I’m glad that they were welcomed here,” he added.

That is precisely the observation that needs to be promoted. Almost all of us currently living in the United States has an ancestor who came here through some form of immigration. Our nation is meant to be a melting pot, full of people with different ideas and backgrounds, including different racial and country of origin makeups.

Flake takes the high road when it comes to Trump’s comments. The president, in his recent denial, is lying to the American people. His racism is evident for every American to see.





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