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Jeff Sessions Is Officially Screwed As New Russia Evidence Is Unveiled



In Robert Mueller’s special investigation, no government official is safe. Whether or not you had direct contact with the Russians, if its discovered that you withheld even the tiniest amount of information, it will look very, very bad.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was then a top surrogate during Trump’s presidential campaign and was privy to many secretive meetings. Sessions was in the meeting where George Papadopoulos, who recently plead guilty to having lied to the FBI, suggested that he set up a secret meeting with Russian officials. Although both Trump and Sessions rejected the idea, the problem is that Sessions did not disclose knowledge of this event despite multiple rounds of questioning from both sides of the political spectrum.

Now, lawmakers are demanding that Sessions clarify his series of events as they pertain to Papadopoulos’ case, either with more questioning or a written testimony.

“Jeff Sessions concealed his meetings with the Russians and he had an obligation to be more forthcoming about meetings that involved Papadopoulos,” Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said. Blumenthal is on the Senate judiciary committee.

This is just another instance of one of Trump’s campaign committee members hiding wrongdoing as it pertains to contacts with Russia. While this situation might not seem like a lot, it shows that thoughts of interaction with Russian officials, let alone the actual meetings, were commonplace enough in these secretive campaign meetings that Sessions only has a vague recollection of this particular instance. Whether or not Sessions had major, direct involvement with Russian collusion, his getting caught up in the investigation due to omission of facts is enough indication in my book.





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