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Joe Biden Got A Fire Fighters Union Endorsement And Fox News Lost Their Minds



The build up to the Democratic primaries for the presidential election that is due to take place in November of next year are really beginning to heat up. One of the front-runners at this stage is former Vice President Joe Biden, who is getting endorsements from all over the place at the moment. One of those endorsements came from a fire fighters’ union, and for no discernible reason, that has sent the right wing of American politics into a fit of rage. We saw this very starkly on Fox News recently, when an anchor went off on a deranged rant on live TV about how it was somehow wrong for Biden to enjoy the support of those workers:

The International Association of Fire Fighters, a labor union representing more than 300,000 firefighters and emergency medical service providers, endorsed Democrat Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign on Monday. Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade apparently found this very concerning. In an interview with the union’s general president, Harold Schaitberger, Kilmeade repeatedly demanded to know why the mandatory union dues for the “many of those firefighters” who actually support President Donald Trump would be used to elect a candidate they oppose. Schaitberger explained that the group’s voluntary political action committee donations, not its union dues, would be used for political spending — but Kilmeade would not relent.

“Are you using their dues for Joe Biden?” Kilmeade asked of the union’s Trump supporters. “Our role is to represent all of them in their profession,” Schaitberger began to respond. “Right. Are you using their money to support Joe Biden?” Kilmeade pressed. “We are using the money that those that choose to contribute to our political PAC, we use on their behalf in the political arena. Those that choose to make those contributions,” he replied. If someone calls you, if one of your members calls you today and says, ‘Do not use my dues to support Joe Biden,’ what will you do?” he demanded. “I will say that our political resources are those that come from our members who voluntarily contribute to our political operations,” Schaitberger calmly replied. “Not your dues.”

There is, of course, not even a hint of a rational argument in there from Kilmeade whatsoever. This is purely Republican bilge. He hates the fact that Biden is a Democratic candidate who could conceivably deny President Donald Trump a second term in office, and he also hates the existence of unions, since they actually protect workers’ rights ahead of profits. This clip does an excellent job of exposing the madness of the GOP as it stands today.





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