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Joe Scarborough Just Exposed The One Thing Every Trump Supporter Didn’t Want To Hear



Since he announced running for president, Donald Trump has been instrumental in splintering the Republican party to the point it doesn’t have much of an identity left. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough echoed this sentiment on the “Morning Joe.”

“Republicans think right now that they can just skate and Donald Trump can tweet misogynist things about Democratic senators and he can tweet racist things. He can go to Charlottesville and find something nice to say about neo-Nazis.”

“Republicans think ‘Oh you know what, he’ll be gone in a couple years.’ No, he is destroying the Republican party for years to come.” Lending further credence to this line of thinking is the fact many House Republicans won’t seek re-election this year, which could lead to a “historic loss in the midterms,” according to Joe. That would be a damn shame, wouldn’t it?

Joe is right in that Trump is reflective of the party he represents. It doesn’t matter that his views don’t mirror some of the established Republicans. What matters is how people within the party respond. Some are reluctantly backing their boisterous leader out of party loyalty while others are keeping their distance, or in the cases of Jeff Flake and others, refusing to run because they can’t align their political ideologies with a man that’s so far out there.

Those that are backing him face an uphill climb. While the economy has been strong, Trump’s rants have offended many, and these are the people going to the polls–hopefully. Since Trump leads the party, logic dictates his views are representative of everyone running on the Republican ticket, and this is scaring the hell out of anyone considering re-election. In some cases, they’re throwing up their hands because they know it isn’t worth the trouble.

In his latest stand up special for Netflix, Dave Chappelle says Trump becoming president might be the thing we need to save us politically.

This will only work if the Democrats get their shit together–this no guarantee–and take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them. The fracturing of the Republican party couldn’t come at a better time, it’s up to the Democrats, and most importantly the voters, to take advantage of this gift.





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