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John Kelly Just Took A Secret Meeting About The Nunes Memo He Didn’t Want You To Know About



The Nunes memo has everyone in Washington buzzing about the possibilities it could bring should president Donald Trump agree to publish it. This memo, written by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, alleges surveillance abuses by the F.B.I. regarding a warrant request for former Trump campaign member Carter Page.

To this end, the Hill reports Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats met with John Kelly, the White House chief of staff to express his concerns over the release of the memo. Additionally, five FBI members met with Kelly to voice their concerns, according to the Hill.

President Trump will decide soon whether the release the memo. This could be a watershed moment as some Republicans believe this memo sheds light on unfair surveillance guidelines by the F.B.I. such as agents being influenced by party affiliation. The end result is obvious: they want to paint a picture of a law enforcement agency that takes political sides in how it conducts investigations, and by doing so, it discredits some investigations they’re currently conducting like Robert Mueller’s.

However, not everyone on the right is a fan of releasing the memo. Speaker Paul Ryan spoke to members of his party, pleading with them to not tie this memo in with the Mueller investigation, according to the Hill.

“What this is not is an indictment of our institutions, of our justice system. This memo is not an indictment of the FBI, of the Department of Justice. It does not impugn Mueller’s Russia investigation or the deputy attorney general.”

It doesn’t seem as if Ryan wants to jump off the cliff with some members of his party. Smart move on his part, trying to appear as the voice of reason. Of course, in typical Ryan fashion, there’s a method to his madness and it’ll become transparent in time.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Democrats have been against the release of the memo, saying it only shows one side of the story. The Republicans didn’t include any insight from the Democrats when preparing the memo, so it’s a logical conclusion. What’s more, members of the justice department have said the release of the memo could be extremely dangerous due to making sensitive information public and it could infringe on a pending criminal investigation.





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