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Kellyanne Conway Attacks Media For Inflammatory Blaming, Doesn’t Realize She Has Done The Same Thing



Just recently, Blue Side Nation reported that the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League made a direct link between Donald Trump‘s aggressive and hateful rhetoric and the awful terrorist attack against Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh over the weekend.

Now, apparently in response to that (and the many other people who have pointed out Trump’s unequivocal role in the build-up to these horrid events) senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway has attacked the media directly, criticizing them for “pointing fingers” in the aftermarth of the attack.

It’s worth noting, of course, that “pointing fingers” as she puts it is not necessarily a bad thing at all – it’s imperative that we strive to understand who or what causes these horrific events when they happen if we are to have any chance of preventing them from happening again.

Also, crucially, people on all sides have been guilty of “pointing fingers” – there is a great deal of hypocrisy at play here. When a lunatic attempted to murder several senior Democratic figures by mail bomb recently, for example, many Republican voices were quick to start up outrageous conspiracy theories about the bombs being a campaign tactic for the upcoming midterm elections.

Regarding the horrors of the Pittsburgh attack, Conway made out as though Trump and the GOP are the poor victims of hateful rhetoric from the media, when the direct opposite is so clearly true. “I don’t like when the politicians are pointing fingers, when the media immediate[ly] start the blame game and others start the blame game, for a very simple reason.” she said on the New Day programme on CNN. “We’re disrespecting the victims and we’re disrespecting the opportunity to instruct everybody as to why this happened.”

It seems like Conway is taking a very principled stance here, speaking out against the politicization of tragedies such as this. There’s just one problem – when it comes to Trump making shocking, self-centred, ignorant statements immediately following some horrible event, it’s fine.

Let’s not forget that this is the President who responded to a terrorist attack conducted by two people in San Bernardino by calling for all the Muslims in the world – that’s 1.5 billion people – to be barred from entering the United States. His other big hits include constantly blaming immigrants for everything that goes wrong in the country, launching heinous ad hominem attacks against his critics in politics and the media (usually via Twitter, which is in itself profoundly un-Presidential) and refusing to acknowledge the actual causes of disasters, such as climate change or gun laws, whilst ludicrously assigning blame elsewhere.

Oh, and that’s before you even get to neo-Nazis being “very fine people”. It staggers me every day, without fail, that this man is our President.





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