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Kellyanne Conway Has No Idea How Voting Works



Of all the people in Trump’s inner circle, Kellyann Conway has had the most staying power and most public interface. She is also the person who might be the most misguided outside of Trump himself. This woman did coin the phrase “alternative facts” after all.

Hey, Kellyanne, we know those aren’t a thing.

So forgive me when I take everything she says with a gain of salt, even though she just said for us to do the same. Allow me to explain.

Conway went on record commenting about the blue wave that is set to wash over this country come election time in November. The blue wave, of course, is the Democratic sweeping of all races because of the disenfranchisement of basically the entire country by the Trump administration.

She believes that this blue wave should be seen with a very skeptical lens because, and I quote, “Let’s not forget the same geniuses that predicted a huge romp by that woman who lost in 2016 are the same people predicting a huge win by the Democrats this time. So we have to be a little bit cautious.” This coming from her appearance on that paragon of partisan virtue, Fox & Friends. Sarcasm extremely intended.

But lets examine that quote a little shall we? Those that predicted a Clinton win weren’t exactly out on a limb here. She wont the popular vote by a considerable 3 million vote margin. Predicting something based on one person getting more votes isn’t far fetched at all. In fact, if the electoral college didn’t exist, Clinton would be our president and not Trump.

Furthering this point, there’s no electoral college to “balance the system” the same way in these midterm elections like there are in a presidential election. And if you take into account those that voted Democrat in 2016, November is set to slap the Republicans in the face with a huge dose of reality.

Speaking further Conway said, “Historical trends mean that the party in power loses seats in the House. This is just a president who defies trends. And rather than repeating history he tends to make history.” So instead of looking at historical analysis, she and the Trump administration are throwing them out the window and saying that this won’t happen.

Does she even know how voting works? At this point I’m not even sure. We’ll see what happens in November, but this could be a textbook case of over confidence from the right.





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