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Kellyanne Conway Tried To Insult Jim Acosta In Public And It Backfired Directly In Her Face



If there is one thing that President Donald Trump really, really hates, it is when the news media does its job by reporting the facts of the ways he and his White House are totally destroying America. He just cannot stand the fact that the free press operates this way in a modern democracy, hence his constant use of mantras like Fake News Media and calling the press the True Enemy of the People, as well as boasting about having choke slammed a journalist, plus much more.

Of course, the White House (sadly) does not exist within a vacuum, so stuff like this has very serious real world consequences. Perhaps the most significant recent example of that was when the President got into a quite incredible spat with CNN journalist Jim Acosta during a press briefing (again, getting angry at a journalist for doing their job). The result of that is a court case that is still ongoing in which CNN is suing the White House for taking away Acosta’s press pass, meaning that as White House correspondent, he was excluded from the press pools.

That is the reason why senior Trump officials and White House aides and advisers are currently even more hostile to the press than usual, especially in relation to CNN. And that, presumably, is what led to the total car crash of Kellyanne Conway‘s recent attempt at insulting Jim Acosta himself. On the North Lawn Driveway, she yelled at him and called him a “smart ass”, alleging also that no one in the media actually likes him, apparently unaware of the crushing irony of working for the least popular President of the United States in living memory.

“Can you promise that the president will tell the truth tonight? Will he tell the truth?”, she shouted at him. “Yes Jim, and can you promise that you will? And let me get back in your face because you’re such a smart-ass most of the time… And I know you want this to go viral, a lot of these people don’t like you.”

This is possibly the least professional a senior White House aide and well known pro-Trump face has been in public in some time without committing an actual felony. Clearly, Conway came off looking like the aggressor, and Acosta came out looking great. This backfired about as much as you would expect – which is a lot. Do these people not have any capacity for basic judgement?





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