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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Went Behind Her Back And Went Off On Trump Publicly



President Donald Trump is one of the most controversial and divisive public figures active in the world right now. His remarkable combination of blatant incompetence and outrageous bigotry creates the perfect conditions for his incredible ability to make enemies from every single side you can imagine. Perhaps the most amazing and baffling example of this comes in the form of George Conway.

The key factor here, of course, is Kellyanne Conway, the woman who sits between George and President Trump. Given the continuous volatility of the White House and Trump’s team (i.e. the terrifying pace at which he hires and fires people, as well as the staggering number of senior officials that have resigned on him) just staying working in the White House for more than about a week without being related to the President is a momentous achievement.

Kellyanne has been working closely with Trump ever since his campaign. That’s over two years ago, which is genuinely incredible and makes her only one of a very small handful of people to have achieved that (whether she should actually be proud of that is entirely another matter, of course).

The point is, Kellyanne Conway is a highly respected longtime Trump advisor who has, over these many months, demonstrated an impressive ability to toe the Trump line and continue to defend the President even when he does and says the most ridiculous of things. Which is what makes it yet more baffling when her husband, a highly respected Washington attorney, comes out and publicly slams President Trump and his policies. Repeatedly.

The latest occurrence of this concerned President Trump’s constant Twitter tirades against the media. In case you somehow missed it (what, have you been living under a rock for the last two years?) our President likes to launch verbal attacks on our news media from the safety of his bedroom in the White House where he fuels tensions and incites violence by repeatedly calling them the Fake News Media and the True Enemy Of The People every time they report on something he doesn’t like, such as him making some humiliating error on something worryingly basic.

George Conway had had enough. So he, too, took to Twitter to tell the world yet again why this is not only totally illogical from President Trump but also wildly irresponsible for anyone, let alone a sitting President of the United States and de facto leader of the free world. Here’s what he had to say:

“Needless to say, there’s a huge difference between an isolated slip of the tongue and ceaseless, shameless, and witless prevarication on virtually all topics, large and small.”

Wow. Just wow. If only Trump actually listened once in a while.





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