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Key GOP Strategist On Mueller Investigation: Playtime Is Over, Pain Is Coming



The probe from former FBI Director, Department of Justice appointee and Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the 2016 Presidential election has been active for essentially the entire length of President Donald Trump‘s time in office so far. In that time, the Special Counsel has brought charges and indictments against several senior Trump officials and people who were instrumental in the operation that got Trump elected, as well as forcing many of their hands into giving up information to him in exchange for a less drastic sentence, perhaps the most significant of which are former National Security Adviser and White House aide Michael Flynn, former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and former personal lawyer to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen.

What is clear to all those watching the Mueller inquiry unfold, with its casualty count increasing by the week and its explosions of publicly available damning information growing in frequency and intensity, is that Mueller is closing in. President Trump can see this too, of course, and he is utterly terrified. Mueller is now not at all far away from the White House.

In recent weeks and months Trump has been doing all he possibly can to shore up support for himself and his administration in preparation for when Mueller’s bomb finally drops, especially from within his own party, but it has been amazing to watch vast swathes of senior Republicans publicly slamming the door in his face and then laying into him. Donald Trump is a President hopelessly beleaguered even within his own party and his days are almost certainly numbered.

A prime example of this is Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Despite being a senior member of the Republican party, Wilson is not afraid to make his views on President Trump known publicly, and he never pulls any punches either. He said recently that Trump knows full well that his destruction at the hands of Special Counsel Mueller is both inevitable and getting closer by the day, and Wilson picks up on Trump’s desperation being visible in his tweets, which he sees as his only remaining weapon of self-defense.

“Playtime is over and Donald doesn’t like it,” Wilson said. “It now appears that Robert Mueller carefully timed his withdrawal of Manafort’s plea agreement to line up with the president finally turning in his homework. Mueller is careful, methodical, and strategic. His silences are important, disciplined, and consequential. Pain — political, economic, and legal pain—is coming to Donald Trump, and he’s earned every bit of it.”

Ouch! If that’s what a member of his own party is willing to say, I dread to think what the man tasked with investigating Donald Trump is going to come out with.





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