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Lawmakers Quietly Introduced Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump On Day 1 Of New Congress



It has now been very nearly two whole months since, in spite of widespread electoral fraud and several very worrying ongoing cases of apparent vote rigging, the Democrats rode the Blue Wave in the November 2018 midterm elections and triumphed, ultimately retaking control of the House of Representatives. Because of the insanely bureaucratic way our political system works, they have had to wait weeks to actually take up that office and begin governing. Now, though, Nancy Pelosi is officially Speaker, the Democrats officially control the House and the fun can truly begin.

The way things are looking, we will not have long to wait at all until we see some quite remarkable political action. Thanks to one particularly ambitious Democrat named Brad Sherman, all those members of Congress, new and old, might find themselves voting on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump much sooner than they expected. According to media coverage, Rep. Sherman is planning to introduce the impeachment motions on the very first day of the new Congress. CNN reports:

Rep. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, plans to re-introduce articles of impeachment against Trump on the first day of the new Congress, he said Thursday. Sherman was one of three Democrats who introduced resolutions to impeach Trump in 2017, along with Reps. Al Green of Texas and Steve Cohen of Tennessee, part of an effort from a small wing of House Democrats seeking to remove the President from office.
Sherman told CNN Thursday that his goal is to force the conversation on impeachment when special counsel Robert Mueller’s report comes out, saying he is simply doing the same thing he did in 2017 to push the discussion, accusing Trump of obstructing justice.
“I didn’t do this as some political move, I did it in July of 2017, about as far away from an election as a House member ever gets,” Sherman said. “Now I’m making sure not to take a step backward. We had to either take a step backward or not take a step backward.”
“It’s not too soon to be talking about it,” said incoming House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith, a Washington Democrat. “We will have to decide whether or not it’s the correct course of action. But certainly we should be discussing it and asking those questions and figuring out what the best course of action is.”
Smith wouldn’t say whether he would support articles of impeachment, saying he would wait for the Mueller report first. “It’s something we are going to clearly have to investigate,” he said.
Incoming House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, whose committee would be in charge of impeachment proceedings, was non-committal when asked about Sherman’s resolution. “To each his own,” the New York Democrat said.
I can’t say for sure whether the heroic Rep. Sherman will actually be successful with his impeachment efforts this time around, but even if he isn’t, that is far from the final straw, because we know that the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be a massive bombshell that will change everything. Either way, here at Blue Side Nation, we are more keen than anything on getting the atrocious President Trump out of office, and we therefore stand firmly behind Rep. Sherman.





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