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Leaked Video Reveals What Lindsey Graham Really Thinks About Impeachment: “I Think He Obstructed Justice”



Expect to hear the phrase “obstruction of justice” thrown around a huge amount for months and years to come in discussion of the current situation of American politics. We had all hoped that the release of the Mueller report would finally put an end to all this discussion and allow us to move on to other pressing issues, but sadly not, as the intense spin game has continued on both sides and shows no sign of slowing down at all. Over two years have passed at this point since the Department of Justice commissioned former Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III to investigate the 2016 Trump campaign over the possibility that they may have colluded with Russian state actors and then committed obstruction of justice in an attempt to cover it up.

Apart from some redacted parts to protect the integrity of ongoing trials, we now have the full findings of Mueller’s probe and, somehow, President Donald Trump and his buddy Attorney General Bill Barr are taking to our screens constantly to tell us repeatedly how the report completely exonerates the President, while also for some reason preparing a rebuttal document, which will contain absolutely nothing of worth. Somehow, despite the overwhelming evidence within the Mueller report, it is still unclear whether Trump and his team will actually face any consequences for obstructing justice. The man who is somehow still our President of the United States and leader of the free world is clearly guilty if a huge amount more than just some terrible policies, but because he has a loyal army of cronies who will do and say whatever he tells them to in order to defend his honor, he has so far managed to escape any real scrutiny.

One of the best known of those cronies is Sen. Lindsey Graham. He has been Trump’s most loyal defender. Except all of that might be about to go up in flames, thanks to a leaked video from 1999 in which Graham made his real thoughts about the process of impeachment and obstruction of justice known publicly when discussing President Bill Clinton:

“He encouraged people to lie for him. He lied. I think he obstructed justice. I think there’s a compelling case that he has, in fact, engaged in conduct that would be better for him to leave office than to stay in office.”

This is likely to resonate and make waves which will hurt Trump significantly in days and weeks to come.





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