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Legal Expert Reviewed Barr’s Mueller Report Summary And Tore It Apart: “Deeply Dishonest And Misleading Document”



The release of the Mueller report is something that the entire world of American politics had been waiting for for what seemed like forever. The hype surrounding the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was tangible. Given the sheer volume of damning news stories that had come out over the last two years about extremely questionable things that the campaign to elect Republican nominee Donald Trump to the White House in 2016 had done, as well as the indictments of senior pro-Trump faces like Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen, left many in no doubt at all that there was a legal storm coming down for Trump and his whole campaign team as soon as Mueller concluded his probe.

That’s why so many people were so crushingly disappointed when the report was delivered to the Attorney General’s office and just a couple of days later, headlines started appearing left, right and center containing words like “no collusion” and “exonerated”. The situation was made even worse when Trump, true to his character, gloated to reporters and on Twitter about his supposed victory. Many people were asking how it could possibly be that there was no evidence of collusion in Mueller’s report.

However, there was one simple fact that was overlooked, which provides the key to this whole mystery. We have not actually seen the Mueller report. All this time, we have been relying on a summar written by Bill Barr, the new Attorney General, who was not only appointed by Trump directly, but who is a longtime Trump ally and close friend and confidant. Obviously, his summary of the report was always going to be biased in Trump’s favor. Very soon, serious questions were raised over the intergrity of what Barr had written about the Mueller report. Now, though, one legal expert has gone one step further.

The heroic Seth Abramson has penned an extraordinary Twitter thread which outlines step by step and in great detail exactly how Barr skirted the rules on this and made the Mueller report seem much better for Trump than it actually is.

Abramson is a seasoned legal expert who has spent much of the last two years calling out Trump for his appalling actions and the ways he compromises the Constitution on a daily basis, but this might be his finest work yet. The Mueller report is the most important political document in a very long time, so this matters. You can read the whole thread here.





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