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Lindsey Graham Just Embarrassed Himself More Than Ever Before Over The Mueller Report



Everybody thought that, if the Mueller report was ever published, it would finally mark the end of the whole scandal over Russian election interference, and would probably also be the death knell for the entire Trump presidency. Over the past two and a bit years that Donald J. Trump has sat in the Oval Office and clung on to the position of President of the United States and leader of the free world by his fingernails, we have seen countless episodes emerge in the news media making it perfectly clear to everyone that he did not win the presidential election of 2016 fairly, but that he got a huge amount of help from President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and all his cronies in the Kremlin, and indeed across the world.

However, much to the dismay of everyone who actually cares about American politics and believes in the liberal democracy our great nation once was, the report by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III being put into the public domain has somehow made the future even less clear than it was before. The Trump cronies continue to insist he did nothing wrong, while the opponents of the President in Congress are more fired up than ever in their efforts to get to the bottom of all this. Meanwhile, many of the key players have finally been showing their true colors. One of the most notable of those is Sen. Lindsey Graham:

“The hearing will come to order, and the first order of business is to try to cool the room down. So we’ll see if we can do that. But the attorney general will be testifying here in a bit about the Mueller report. And I want to thank him for coming to the committee and giving us an explanation as to the actions he took and why he took them regarding the Mueller report. And here’s the good news; here’s the Mueller report. You can read it for yourself. It’s about 400 and something pages. I can’t say I’ve read it all, but I’ve read most of it.”

Those are actual words that man said. Yes, you read that right. He just admitted he has not even read the Mueller report. This is the guy who is quite possibly the most insistent and loyal Trump ally, who is constantly telling us how the whole investigation is a stitch up. And he has not even read the report. You couldn’t make this up.





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