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Lindsey Graham Makes Statement Over Mueller Probe: “It’s Over For Me, I’m Done”



The Mueller probe has brought one surprise after another for those watching American politics. It is now well over two years since the Department of Justice commissioned former Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III to become a Special Counsel and investigate the allegations of collusion and obstruction of justice levelled against the election campaign that resulted in Republican nominee Donald Trump becoming President of the United States and leader of the free world. Now, the Mueller report has been made public, albeit with several large chunks redacted in order to protect the integrity of ongoing legal proceedings.

Still, though, it is very unclear how this whole saga is going to play out. Trump cronies and supporters maintain that he is innocent and the whole thing is a witch hunt and a stitch up, while the rest of us point to the incriminating evidence that already exist while desperately trying to make space for a proper, full investigation to take place. To make things more complex, some loyal Trump allies are now coming out and making bombshell statements that could make things much more difficult for the President. Sen. Lindsey Graham, for example, recently when on the CBS show Face the Nation and made this incredible statement on live TV:

I think it’s just all theater. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what he said to Don McGahn. It’s what he did. And the president never obstructed. If you’re going to look at every president who pops off at his staff and you know, ask him to do something that’s maybe crazy, then we won’t have any presidents. I don’t care what they talked about. He didn’t do anything. The point is the president did not impede Mueller from doing his investigation. I don’t care what happened between him and Don McGahn.

Here’s what I care about. Was Mueller allowed to do his job? And the answer is yes. Name one thing that they did to stop Mueller from doing his job, and if you can’t then there’s no obstruction. I’m not going to re-litigate it. I don’t know how clear I can be, Margaret. It’s over for me. He didn’t collude with the Russians, obstruction of justice in this situation is absurd. I fought hard as hell to make sure Mueller could do his job, I introduced legislation to make sure he couldn’t be fired. It’s over. 

It is impossible to predict how this will all turn out, but it will surely not be pretty for Trump.





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